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The name of Circle Kabaddi Game was Given in 1978 at Jind (Haryana) when 15 States took in the General Body Meeting and Formed the Federation and given the name “Amateur Circle Kabaddi Federation of India (ACKFI)“ and Prof. J.P. Sharma was Unanimously Elected as General Secretary of the Federation. In the past this Circle Kabaddi Game called in Punjab ”Punjab Style” and in Haryana it was called as “Haryana Style”. The Federation jointly Took Decision to call it a Circle Kabaddi Game and no Confusions in Public.

Though Kabaddi Circle is Primarily an Indian Ancient Game and more than 600 Year Old. It was very popular in the Northern India before Patrician. And few styles were popular like ”Goongi Kabaddi” that a Raider Player did not speak like word Kabaddi but just touches the Opponent’s Team Player and the whom he touches only that Player will try to stop the Player and struggle will continue till he reaches the starting line or acknowledge the defeat loses the point and if he safely reached the starting line will get the point.

In 1982 during the Asian Games at Delhi. Prof. J.P. Sharma General Secretary of ACKFI met Mr. Ali Mohammad Khawaja who was the General Secretary of Pakistan Kabaddi Federation and decided to promote this game in both the countries. Though Mr. Khawaja came from his country for demonstration of National Style Kabaddi in which the game is Played one against all player s and number and area is different and in Pakistan this National Style was not popular and both the General Secretaries decided to popular Circle Kabaddi Game In both the Countries.


Mr. Ali Mohammad Khawaja invited Prof. J.P. Sharma in Lahore (Pakistan) in March 1983 on their Punjab Diamond Jubilee Celebrations as a Guest and asked him to bring Indian Team to play In the International Match on the name of Late Ch. Zahoor Elahi Memorial Gold Cup International Match. Prof. Sharma took the Indian Circle Kabaddi Men-Team in May 1983 and Decided to change the Rules Mutually. So both Countries decided that Rule is A30 Second means Player will not Speak Kabaddi but from the starting line as soon as he crosses watch will count 30 Second and within 30 Seconds if the Player will reach Safely will get the Point otherwise will Lose the points. The Total Number of the Playing Members is 14 and Playing Member 10 only.

The Pakistan Kabaddi Federation repeatedly invited in their International Tournaments in 1985, 1988, 1989, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2004 in Lahore (Pakistan) and other parts of Punjab (Pakistan) and at Islamabad on the Pakistan Prime Minister International Tournaments and in all the Matches Prof. J.P. Sharma went as a Manager of the Indian Team all the time.

The Amateur Circle Kabaddi Federation of India (ACKFI) Invited Pakistan Circle Kabaddi Men-Team in 1988,2000,2006,2008 and 2010 played Indo/Pak Exhibition Matches in the India. In this way this circle Kabaddi Game’s History Started and those Indian Players Played Matches in Pakistan Settled in UK, CANADA,USA,AUSTRALIA, NEWZELAND, MALAYSIA and SINGAPORE and popular this game. In this way it also popular in NEPAL and SRI LANKA.


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